Art Exhibition

We are very pleased to welcome our latest exhibition. 


Dorset Gardens Methodist Church
Dorset Gardens BN2 1RL

1-28 February daily, 9.30 am - 12.30 pm and whenever the building is in use

Free admission

The Clare Project are proud to host this superb international exhibition from the Rainbow Cities Network, called Trans* Gender. The photo exhibition explores ideas around gender identity, activism, trans lives and community.

Cities from across the world have provided one photo each and Brighton & Hove’s features a resident attending the city’s Trans Pride event. It showcases the international diversity of our trans experiences, and highlights how fortunate we are to be trans in a city where our community is increasingly vibrant and confident.

By joining our voices internationally, we continue to raise visibility, fight transphobia and celebrate our trans lives. As Rainbow Cities, we emphasise that every single person has the right to experience any gender identity in freedom and that the public space belongs to all citizens.



If you would like to use our building as a location for your exhibition, please be in touch with us at Dorset Gardens Methodist Church.


Some of the photographs from the exhibition:














If you would be interested in holding an exhibition please be in touch.