Ghana and Togo Projects

Ghana and Togo Projects


Circuit Project

We are happy to announce that the four-year Circuit Project has now been completed.  The Water Project in the Jukwa Circuit in Ghana is making a huge difference there. 

We organised and supported lots of Circuit events from barn dances, table top sales, and quiz evenings, to sponsored walks.  Wonderfully, the Circuit raised and sent to this project just over £31,000 to buy a delivery vehicle, construct a well, and later help in the building of a manse.

A big thank you goes out to all those who contributed in any way towards the fund raising.

Following the successful conclusion to this overseas project the Circuit has decided to support another project but this time one in our local area, further details can be found here.

Church Project

At Dorset Gardens we have also supported two other linked projects in Ghana and Togo over two years, which came to an end in 2017.

The projects we supported were the Joy School in Ekon, Ghana and the Togo Fabric Enterprise.  Some of you will be familiar with these projects through the work of Chris Thompson (a church member), others may not, and so we felt it was important to share with you how these projects came about and how they developed over time.

Joy School in Ekon, Ghan

From 1967-1969 Chris Thompson worked for VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas) and the British Council, teaching at Ghana College in Northern Ghana.  Following two personal tragedies his sister Trish suggested that he should go back to Ghana for a break to see where he used to work.  So in December 2001 so he took shoe boxes filled with little Christmas gifts.  These were given to children in poor families.

On his next visit he met Richard Dadzie, who had just completed a degree and who had a real passion for educating disadvantaged children.  Richard took Chris to his village, Ekon.  Chris was shocked by the poverty in this poor part of Ghana and felt God calling him to support Richard in fulfilling a dream of opening a school so that the poor children in the village could be educated.  He started by using his own money and then other people he spoke to caught the vision and started to contribute funds and provide advice.

Togo Fabric Enterprise in Lomé, Togo

On his third visit to Ghana in 2005 he met a young man, Kali Mawule, a Togolese man who was selling garments he had designed and made.  Kali told him he was selling them in Ghana as he would get more money than he would in his native Togo.  Chris went with Kali to Togo to see where he was living only to find he too was living in poverty in one room with no running water, no electricity and just a mattress on the floor.  He was using a manual sewing machine to make the garments.  Like Richard he also had a dream of developing his talents to become a successful designer, passing on his skills to others through a training programme thus helping them to get out of poverty.

Kali so enthused Chris that he decided to support him.  After speaking to others and showing them Kali’s designs, they too wanted to support the projects.

Since those early beginnings both projects in Ekon, Ghana and Lomé, Togo continued to develop.

How the projects developed:-

Joy School.

2002 – Temporary building housing 200 children, aged between 3-11 years old

2003 – First foundations to the new school building.

2005 – Completion of the original school building.

2008 – Both the premises and standard of education was assessed by the Ghana education board who made recommendations.

2008-09 – Completed building in compliance with the recommendations of the Ghana education board: Toilet block and showers, separated classrooms.

2010 – Junior High school begins in rented building for children aged 11-14 years old.

2011 – Purchase of Ghanaian educational text books.

2013 – Commenced pig and chicken farm to help finance Joy school.

2014 – Built toilet block for Junior High school

20‚Äč16 - Commenced work on the new canteen and kitchen. The work was completed in June and included a new drainage system.

2016 - The school purchased new desks for the canteen.
2017 - The project received local funding to build the a new Junior High School next to the the Canteen. 

2017 - Works were completed.
Togo Fabric Enterprise in Lomé.

2005 – Began project in rented premises with two apprentices in Lomé.

2007 – Moved to new premises in the same town.

2008 – The project expanded and moved to larger premises across from the existing project.  This allowed for five apprentices in year 1 and five in year 2.

2008 – Purchased land in Lomé.

2008 – 2015 The building of a four-storey premises housing.  The existing rented building is being converted into a nursery to support the project.

2017 - Works were completed.

We also supported...

Joy School, Ekon:-

Whist the school benefits from wonderful views over Ekon and the sea it has a downside which was identified during their rainy season (April-July). The rain-water which travels down the hillside is beginning to erode the bank from both sides. This has meant the concrete stairs which were built a few years ago are crumbing away and it also puts the whole existing school building at risk if nothing is done.

So we raised £3,000 to install a new drainage system, supporting walls and a covered canteen area and kitchen.  The full cost of the project was in the region of £11,000 and so the difference was topped up by a church grant.

Togo Fabric Enterprise:- 

Apprentices are trained in the art of designing and making clothes.  On qualifying these apprentices are given a sewing machine and some funding to set up independently and become self-sufficient.  The enterprise was looking for sewing equipment to help support the project.

Some of the apprentices are unable to start or complete their training due to family commitments, so the enterprise decided to set up a Nursery for the apprentices’ children.

Our church members collected lots of items for the fabric project and the new nursery, including buttons, zips, reels of cotton, sewing needles for the machines, children's books (English and French), puzzles and games.

Update on Fund Raising

Our fund raising is now complete and we thank everybody who has supported the projects in any way. 

Photos of the building work can be seen by clicking here - The work was completed n Summer 2017.