A small group of interested members was formed to become the Healing Ministry Team.  The Laying on of Hands has been offered at each service of Holy Communion since.

It was decided that the third Sunday evening of each month would be dedicated as a service of “Healing and Wholeness” with Holy Communion.  This is advertised in our window during the preceeding week and very often attracts people from outside our usual congregation.  Prayer and preparation form a major role in the ministry and prayer partners support the person laying on hands.


Two members of the Healing Team have been on Mental Health and Mental Health First Aid Courses.  Our Healing and Wholeness ministry includes working hand in hand with the medical profession as it complements rather than replaces traditional medicine.


(Left)  ‘I will hold the Christ Light for you’
picture by Shirley Veater





(Right)  ‘The light shines in the darkness’
picture by Shirley Veater