Space Club 2023

Space Club 2023

Our children ‘reached for the stars’ this summer at Space Club, thanks to amazing volunteers and fabulous fun activities.

We made rocket pizzas, models of the solar system, crafted wool stars and told some funny astronaut-themed jokes. Our marshmallow and spaghetti constellations were awesome and the chocolate moon crater cakes got five star reviews. Thanks to Rosemary for creating some out of this world recipes!

All of our volunteers worked incredibly hard to create an epic four days for the children at DG.  We had almost 50 space cadets zooming around like busy comets, meteors and rockets.  Big thanks to Dr Das and Ashley from the University of Sussex Physics Outreach for their brilliant solar system workshop. The beachball planets were a real hit.

Thanks again to everyone who helped with Space Club – I couldn’t do this without you all!

Click here for some great photos of all the fun!

Liz Neale
Children and Families Support Worker

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