The Team

             Revd Andy Lowe                                     Revd Heather Leake Date
         Minister                                                        HIV Chaplain

Heather is Senior Pharmacist at the Royal Sussex County Hospital, with special expertise in HIV/AIDS treatment.  She is also an ordained Methodist Minister and oversees a chaplaincy for HIV/AIDS sufferers.  She is available to offer spiritual and emotional support and non-judgemental pastoral care to people from all faith backgrounds.

The service is free, confidential and open to all!
To contact Heather please call or text 07867 773360


Deeptima Massey
 Pastoral Secretary


Angela Millanzi
Church Administrator


      Steve Preston   Church Steward                         Ian Lamb   Church Steward

          Sue Harrington   Church Steward                   Beth Whittaker   Church Steward


                 Brandford Osei   Church Steward         Rosemary Cuthbert   Safeguarding Officer

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