Holiday Club

Holiday Club at Dorset Gardens

Every year during the first week of the summer holidays we run a Holiday Club at Dorset Gardens for children in Reception to Year 6.  It runs over three mornings and we sing songs, play games, do craft, tell jokes, see drama, learn, cook, spend time in a small group, spend time in a big group and more than anything have loads and loads of fun!


Harvest @home CLUB 2020

Our Dorset Gardens children absolutely LOVE cookery and this year’s Harvest @Home Cookery Club satisfied some very hungry appetites.

Once again the fun went virtual, with a creative Saturday in the kitchen on offer to all 31 kids taking part in early October.  Rosemary Cuthbert donned her chef’s hat with an excellent video on how to make chocolate apple lollipops and, alongside all the essential craft materials, we filled the free bags with ingredients too so that everyone could take part.

Reverend Deborah’s lovely introduction was filmed in a very autumnal looking New Forest and Sue Harrington’s video of balloon keepy-uppy challenged participants with its sporty theme.  Liz Neale was back in her Blue Peter-style role, using craft paper and split pins to create an apple a day.  

Many of the families sent in some fantastic photos of all the harvest activities, contributing to a wonderful festival atmosphere.  Take a look here or pop by Dorset Gardens Methodist Church to see our fabulous window display!

Liz Neale
Children's and Families Support Worker



HOLIDAY @home CLUB 2020

This year we promised an action-packed three days of fun with our HOLIDAY @home CLUB, providing some awesome activities for more than 50 children!

We were heartbroken not to hold our usual three-day extravaganza in the church but we proved we are so much more than just a building and moved all the fun and games @home instead.

Children were sent a free craft pack with all materials provided, as well as instructions and top tips on how to have maximum fun.  Deborah Cornish, Liz Neale, Rosemary Cuthbert and Sue Harrington recorded a few how-to videos offering some tips and advice and a bit of comedy too. These were posted on our Facebook page Tearaway Tots at Dorset Gardens, as well as on this website and are still available to view here.

Our theme was “Close together or far apart, you are always in our hearts”.  We filled the days with colouring, word searches, cross words, a maze and some silly games and challenges.  Liz’s creative crafts videos had a bit of a Blue Peter feel to them, with loo roll crafts and of course, ‘Here’s one I made earlier!’  Rosemary’s cookery sections were absolutely wonderful.  Watch out Delia Smith! 

You can see the photos here.

Thanks to all at the church for their help.

Liz Neale
Children’s and Families Support Worker

Knight School 2019

Our children went back in time this year to a land of castles, dragons and medieval revelry with our fantastic holiday club at the start of the summer holidays.  We had 48 enthusiastic children aged five to ten attend our 'Knight School' and we took over the entire building for three days of fun.

Each day the heraldic teams decorated their own shields – we had griffins, eagles, lions and stags.  They puzzled over word searches learning about King Arthur, mythical dragons and some seriously impressive castle architecture.  We all enjoyed our energetic ‘Shake Break’ warm up dance and had a brilliant time learning the lovely hymn When A Knight Won His Spurs.

We may not have held a full jousting match but our fiendishly tricky challenges proved just as competitive as everyone had a go at building giant Lego towers with just one hand.  There were some fantastic team games like Get the Creature in the Cave and relay races with swords and hobby horses.

Rosemary Cuthbert’s cookery sessions were fabulous and a real highlight for many of the young people.  She helped them create pizza shields, decorate dragons’ eggs and construct cookie castles with a generous helping of chocolate spread for the mortar.

The Brighton Morris Men entertained us on our first day and we all enjoyed joining in to learn some of the energetic dances.  Lindsay’s Animal School thrilled us with real mice, chickens, snakes, rabbits, spiders, snails – and OF COURSE – a genuine Bearded Dragon.  Medieval re-enactor Ian Denyer gave a spell-binding performance dressed as a knight in shining armour and we learned some fascinating facts about medieval weaponry and the art of chivalry.

Each day we produced some crafty creations, including jewelled goblets fit for a feast, some scary glass dragon eyes, and fearsome fire-breathing loo roll dragons.  Thanks to everyone in the congregation who donated their loo roll inners!

At the end of the week we had a lovely celebration with parents and carers, with cake and a cuppa as we chatted about all the great things we’d been doing.  The children sang When A Knight Won His Spurs absolutely beautifully.

A massive thank you to all our incredible volunteers who worked so hard to deliver an awesome holiday club. It was a huge team effort and without the hard work and dedication of truly brilliant volunteers, we would not be able to put on such a spectacular and fun extravaganza.

You can see all the photos here.

Liz Neale
Children’s and Families Support Worker