Holiday Club


Holiday Clubs at Dorset Gardens

Every year during the first week of the summer holidays we run a Holiday Club at Dorset Gardens for all those in Reception - Year 6.  It runs over 4 mornings, we sing songs, play games, do craft, tell jokes, see the drama, learn, cook, spend time in a small group, spend time in a big group and more than anything have loads and loads of fun.







Three days of fun, learning, and exploring the world about sums up this years Epic explorers Holiday Club held during the opening week of the school summer holidays  Over 57 children aged 5-11 from our church fellowship, Cub Scouts and Carlton Primary school  attended, which ran from 9.15am – 1pm. The sanctuary was transformed into scenes from various parts of the world with a pyramid, jeep and Palm trees and each team was named after a famous Explorer.


Each morning we started with a warm up dance, the “Shake break” followed by our theme song “It’s a small world”. Then there was our team challenge a chance to earn points for your team. We then calmed things down with our laughter tree.  This was followed by “Deadly 60!” , our messy challenge.  Each day the children had to perform a task with the losers having to spin the deadly 60 wheel. Often it ended up with them being splatted with water!


We then finished off the morning session with our residents puppets Bert and Lucy. who introduced us to our theme “Here, There and everywhere!”. Through this we explored how we can help others in our homes, Local communities and the wider World. This led into our popular workshops.


Each morning we ran a main workshop, which included Bollywood dancing, African Drums and “I’m a celebrity get me out of here” games led by Steve Bagshot our host. We ran craft and cooking sessions and also a story telling room which all linked into the continent we were exploring for that day. It was a fantastic time, with everyone involved having an exciting and action packed week of fun!


At the end of the final morning we had an Epic celebration. This involved our theme song, I’m a celebrity game, where this time the children chose their parents to take part. With the help of Bert and Lucy we also talked about our daily theme and then we concluded the celebration with tea and cakes, thank you to those parents who helped to make cakes for this.


A large team of enthusiastic teenage and adult helpers ensured everything ran smoothly and safely over the three mornings of the club. It was a real community effort and the people taking part ranged from five years old to 80 years old so a big thank you goes out to all those who helped make this holiday club such a success. because without saying the club wouldn't be possible without the dedicated work of these volunteers.