What we do:

Our Circuit student work exists to offer a warm welcome to students studying in and around Brighton & Hove.  If you’re studying at a university in the City of Brighton and Hove – that’s the University of Brighton or the University of Sussex, or if you're a language student or an apprentice, any kind of student - we would love to get to know you and help out in whatever way we can to make your time here even more enjoyable and worthwhile. We welcome and support everyone – of any faith or none.

The Methodist presence at the University of Sussex is the Rev Dan Woodhouse (where we are called Chaplains) and at the University of Brighton (where we are known as Faith & Spirituality Advisers) it is the Rev Cynthia Park who is also our Lead Faith & Spirituality Adviser. The student worker at both is me, Sue Harrington. We offer all sorts of events and opportunities throughout the year at both universities and at other places!

The Rev Cynthia PArk, Lead Faith & Spirituality Adviser, UoB                    The Rev Dan Woodhouse, Methodist Chaplain University of Sussex Sue Harrington, student worker, Faith & Spirituality Adviser UoB, Chaplain US

Above: the Rev Cynthia Park, Lead Faith & Spirituality Adviser, University of Brighton, The Rev Dan Woodhouse, Methodist Chaplain University of Sussex, Sue Harrington, Student worker Lay Chaplain US, Faith & Spirituality Adviser UoB.


Student Christian Movement:

Dorset Gardens is now an SCM Link Church Be in touch if you're a student and you'd like to be part of a SCM group locally (Sussex or Brighton Uni). Contact details at the bottom of this page.



On Mondays in term-time Sue & Cynthia will be at Brighton University’s Grand Parade campus Coffee Bar from 12 noon – 2 pm. Offering time out for a chat and a cuppa plus regular ‘events’ such as a tea/coffee tombola or a draw for a £10  grocery voucher (scroll on down!)

On Tuesdays Dan and/or Sue will be at Sussex University Meeting House from 10.30 am – 2 pm. Chance for a chat and a cuppa plus a light lunch if you'd like it. On the first Wednesday of each month we are pleased to offer our "Wonderful Wednesdays" food event when we will be offering something yummy for free ... it might be anything from hot chocolate and biscuits to jacket potatoes or a pasta dish. Drop in and see what's cooking! From about 10.30 (usually) until it's gone!

We also offer a drop-in at Falmer campus in the Checkland building Atrium between 12 and 2 pm on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month. Sometimes it will be Cynthia and me, other times it might be one of us and Mary Ann (Catholic) or Fr Ian (Orthodox) or any combination thereof! Come and say hello, I often take my knitting or some other simple craft, if you're interested - if you enjoy crafts I'm interested to see what you're doing - or hear about it.

We also meet weekly at Sussex University on a Thursday morning at 11.00 for Theology Cafe where there's a discussion on a theme - often set from the previous meeting, usually around faith or ethics.

On the 4th Thursday of each month from 12.30 - 13.30 at University of Brighton, there's our Open Table time when you're invited to come along to discuss anything that's on your mind. We're happy to talk about it and help if we can. Currently we're meeting at the Coffee Bar on the Grand Parade campus. It’s an open, safe and respectful place to talk about areas of life which you may have found or are finding are being challenged at university – be that religion/faith, philosophy, ethics or anything else. Sometimes talking about something helps get it in proportion and seeing others’ perspective can be interesting and helpful. 


 Next Grocery voucher draw: December 2nd 2019 ... 

Every month in term time (Brighton Uni’s Grand Parade campus) we offer the opportunity to win a £10 supermarket voucher.     Next draw: 2 Dec

<-Here’s Hannah, our Grocery voucher winner in November, as you might be able to see, in addition to the voucher we gave a couple of goodies to go with it! You can also see our Peace Tree which was thre for people to add a poppy for Remembrance or a ribbon thinking of people and places in conflict. 

And here's Kirby who was the winner of our Freshers' grocery voucher draw. Pictured here with Cynthia (left) Lead Faith & Spirituality Adviser and Mary Ann (right) Catholic F&S Adviser ->  



If you’d like to be in the draw, just be at Brighton University’s Grand Parade Coffee Bar – on the first Monday of the month in term-time (!) between 12 noon and 2 pm and follow the instructions you’ll find on the tables. So next time will be the 2nd December … winner will be posted here!


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